Attorney William Grover Arnett

William Grover Arnett started practicing law in 1989. He worked for different firms and at these firms he worked hard to build his skill set and earn a reputable name in the field of law. Once he got to a point where he could establish his own law firm, he did. He established and built his law firm just three short years after he became a practicing attorney. Over the next twenty years, through hard work and strong ethics, he would go on to build a practice that is listed among the top 10 in the state for worker’s comp expertise. He was recently recognized by the reputable LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell for his work on providing high quality counsel and working within the highest levels of ethics and integrity. As an attorney, Grover Arnett takes pride working in a way that is honoring to his degree of upholding the law and this can be seen through his almost thirty years of practice.

In addition to maintaining and growing his own firm, Grover Arnett also served as a Magoffin County attorney between the years of 1994 to 1999. In this position, he was able to help block the legal establishment of an out-of-state garbage dump in Magoffin County, accumulate an impressive 95 percent conviction rate for DUI offences and also assist in the largest drug conviction in the county’s history in Knott’s County’s first-ever marijuana cultivation conviction.